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Years folks! I am glad I found this thread, although my buttcrack situation is a bit differentNext Question If you’re still itchy, your derm can give you stronger medsIt sounds gross, sure, but hemorrhoids are very common and are usually caused by pressure from chronic constipation or pregnancyUse your hair blower on low to make sure all of your cracks and crevices are totally dry

It feels like an open scab, it's itchy but it hurts when I try to wipe down thereI don't think it's any of those cases with sinus something of the butt, because I've seen those picturesSo I showered twice a day, made sure it was washed even though it was stingy and a thin layer of creamHerpes First of all let me say that herpes is not the nightmare the media has made itClose {* mergeAccounts {"custom": true} *} { renderedcurrentphoto } { currentdisplayName } { currentemailAddress } { foundExistingAccountText } { currentemailAddress }I've had it before, but it always went awayI have been treating it by drying it off very thoroughly after showering and putting vaseline (or lanolin) on it to protect 1-2 times a dayMake sure your crack is dry before you get dressedIt is very complex and to deny that if one element of that complexity is dealt with it won't improve things is an error

I've tried zinc oixide, neosporen, gold bond, baby powder and A & D oinmentGuest over a year ago stop blow drying your assCombined with this is is the physical damage which I mentioned aboveJeez I would give anything to go back to having a normal fannyI know I wasIt is cold and dry here so maybe that is the reasonBut I think you are saying to continue using it even though bum is red and sore is that right? Re diet I see a nutritional therapist, I already have chronic fatigue which is autoimmune and fungal just like LSI also blow dry it on a cool settingDiscussion is closed Cancel Comment Upvote - 0 almelt I know everyone has their own theories but I'm pretty sure this is a pilonidal cyst

Discussion is closed Cancel Comment Upvote - 0 daydreamkid99 It helps to use athletes foot cream on it and I use a piece of a hankercheif and push it gently into the crack and onto the split soreComment Cancel Comment Upvote - 0 Message exceeded the 8000 character limit Comment Comment needrelief567 Oh, forgot to mention I've been testing and there is no chance it's an STD (herpes, etc.) so if we could please avoid any of those types of commentsIt will continue to come back every once in a while, but it'll help if you keep it clean, and use that anti bacterial stuff doctors use once a weekBy continuing to use this site you are agreeing to its use of cookiesYou can also use a blow-dryer on cool to dry without abrasion 5593a673d3
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